We’re getting closer to the end of 2022, and the JobHopin team is doubling down on our efforts to smoothen the recruitment process for every hiring manager. For the November updates, JobHopin is proud to announce our new product features along with some significant enhancements. Read more about this change, what’s new, and what’s special about our new exciting CV Parsing tool!

CV Parsing

With thousands of resumes a year, manual handling of CVs is a big challenge that every HR Professionals have to deal with. In an attempt to assist and optimize the hiring process, JobHopin has released a new JobRecruit feature – the CV Parsing Tool. This feature is the highlight of our November updates.


The CV Parsing Tool provides users with the following benefits:

  • Rather than upload 1 CV each time, now user can upload multiple CVs (up to 50 CVs) at once
  • Assign uploaded CVs to live jobs in the JobHopin platform
  • Integrate all candidates’ information into the ATS – applicant tracking system
  • Inside this ATS, recruiters can centralize all qualified CVs, store them for later use, and even take advantage of those data to nurture relationships with candidates

Archive CV

By releasing this Archive CV feature, JobHopin allows users to remove candidates from My CV Storage and Candidate list when they don’t want to keep the candidate’s information on their current list. More than just removing CVs, this feature support users to take further actions such as restoring, or deleting permanently.

Preview CV after updating candidate preferences

The candidate criteria defined for each job can affect the CV list suggested by our Bunny AI. When users change any of the chosen criteria, the provided list will change, too. Therefore, recruiters can take advantage of this feature to search for more suitable candidates with specific qualities.


In addition, we also offer a market overview for the current live job, which will change due to different imputed criteria, too. 

Interview Scheduling

As part of the JobRecruit solution, Interview scheduling is now improved with a better design, making the user experience smoother.

The JobRecruit’s Interview scheduling update lets recruiters attach images to your invitation email to candidates. 

FAQs for Recruiters

From these November updates, JobHopin users can now access our FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) page to get the most from our products, as well as how to use them accordingly. On this page, users can easily search for user guides, specific terms definitions,… by keywords.

Explore our FAQs page!


Company CMS

Last but not least, a tiny-friendly reminder on the Company CMS. Last month, we introduced this feature to enhance companies’ employer branding. After adding information about the company overview, leader profiles, and other insights… employers can customize their company profile, thus approaching candidates in a more progressive way.


>>Update your company profile right now!

Reassign CVs to other jobs – Coming soon

The greatest challenge of any company is attracting and hiring quality candidates. But what happens if recruiters find a candidate not suitable for one role but might be appropriate for others? – They will just simply need to move that candidate’s CV to other live jobs in their organization. This helps save time seeking competent candidates, and avoid missing potential ones.

Users can take this action from the Candidate detail page, or after giving a thumbs-down to that CV.


Try JobHopin’s new features and updates for free. Register now for a recruiter’s profile and attract new proficient talents! Beyond these November updates, you can also keep up to date with all things JobHopin by following our official Product Updates Blog, Official Facebook, and LinkedIn Fanpage.

The JobHopin team