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Kevin Tung Nguyen - Recap from Finovate

“Hiring the wrong people is like shooting yourself in the feet” – CEO of JobHopin shared in an interview with JETRO

On October 20, 2022, Kevin sat down for an interview with JETRO – Japan External Trade Organization. He opened up about his inspirations behind becoming a startup founder, and the most critical lessons he’s learned along the way. The inspiration from Kevin’s grandmother Kevin Tung Nguyen grew up having a doctor for a father. Despite...

Burnout – Who Should Take Action?

Burnout – Who Should Take Action?

We often think of burnout as an individual problem that it is solvable. For instance, simple methods like “learning to say no”, meditating or doing yoga, traveling somewhere or practicing resilience. However, those are just like sticking a band-aid on a huge crack, in this case, a workplace phenomenon.  “Burnout” now officially recognized by the...

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