Featuring your job posting on multiple job boards helps increase your job’s visibility and hence approach a greater amount of top talent in the industry. To do this the smart way, you’ll need to reuse the job post that has been published elsewhere before.

And in this last update of the year, JobHopin is glad to announce our new feature – Job Parsing with URL. Let’s learn more about this feature by reading further.

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How to post jobs to JobHopin from other job boards

Besides the conventional way of posting jobs – entering information manually into every required field, you now can update your hiring jobs with only a simple step. JobHopin’s feature gives you the ability to parse jobs from other platforms to our job board with just a URL. This helps save time and assures the accuracy of the job information.

To generate a job on the JobHopin site using this feature, you can follow the steps:

1. On the Job posting screen, click Add a link to your job post.


2. Then, when a popup appears, you just need to paste the existing job link in that box, and click Confirm.


3. The job post’s content will be parsed and the required data will be automatically filled. You know the parsing process is successful when this little toast message appears.


Follow the quickstart guide to see how the feature works. If you have any questions, send us an email or contact JobHopin’s LinkedIn, or Facebook Fanpage. We look forward to hearing from you!

Post a job faster with just 1 simple step. Try now!

Talent Search v2.0 and Mass Upload CVs

These are two important features to help recruiters accelerate their hiring process and employee management.

With the Talent Search tool, users can easily discover JobHopin’s mass talent pool with 2.8+ million profiles to proactively approach top-notch talent.

Whereas with the Mass CV Upload feature, recruiters can upload and manage CVs to nurture a talent pool for future vacancies.

With this feature, you can upload multiple CVs (up to 50) at once. Those CVs will come directly to your CV Pool, along with the CVs from the JobHopin system, at your disposal. We are committed to protecting your company’s data privacy, keeping it entirely private to each organization.

Learn more about the feature Upload CVs!

The JobHopin Product Team