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2023 January Updates: Web3 job board, Quizzes on Company Tab

In JobHopin’s team effort on enhancing the recruitment process, this January, we’ve moved the Play & Learn tab on Company Page to the JobHopin application, and successfully launched the Web3 job board!  Integrated with JobHopin’s job search platform, the Web3 job board is perfect for connecting job seekers to their favorite Web3 jobs.  Related posts:...


Product Sum-up of 2022: 5 Products, 100+ Feature Releases, and Our Effort in Transforming the Conventional Hiring Process

Over the last 6 years, we’ve worked with thousands of recruiters in and outside of Vietnam to help leverage our AI-infused solutions to streamline their recruitment process.  Fuelled by the ambition to revolutionize conventional recruitment practices, we have always tried to go the extra mile for every product and feature released. And 2022 is no...


Introducing Upload CVs, a more accessible way to manage talents

Every hiring manager needs their own pool to manage talent data. That’s why we created Upload CVs, an advanced feature to store and manage CVs. With this feature, recruiters now can build and nurture a talent pool for future vacancies, hire candidates quicker and save money on advertising costs, agency fees, and more. Read further...


HOPANA: New effective recruiting method from JobHopin

Gamification is the utilization of game elements in non-game activities. In human resources, gamification is a concept in which employers use game theory, designs, and mechanics to digitally engage and assess applicants and employees as well. HOPANA, our gamification solution, was introduced in an attempt to help employers accelerate the talent acquisition and fostering process...

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