In JobHopin’s team effort on enhancing the recruitment process, this January, we’ve moved the Play & Learn tab on Company Page to the JobHopin application, and successfully launched the Web3 job board! 

Integrated with JobHopin’s job search platform, the Web3 job board is perfect for connecting job seekers to their favorite Web3 jobs. 

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Find your dream job on our brand-new Web3 job board!

No job is too big or small. A new space of Job 3.0, which has been built from the ground up by creatives, developers, and blockchain project leaders, is potential and at the same time has too few job boards for the Vietnamese market.

That’s the key reason why we create JobHopin’s Web3 job board. A specific job board for the growing web3 space, which focuses on developers, creatives, and everything in between.

Interested in a Web3 position or seeking qualified employees? Web3 Jobs is advantageous for anyone looking to get into this field. And today, in partnership with web3 companies like Coin98, Solana, and Binance, JobHopin’s Web3 job board is an excellent place for either job seekers to find their most matching opportunities or recruiters to grow their teams in this industry.

After being successfully launched, our Web3 job board now has hundreds of Web3 companies currently hiring on our site, along with thousands of superb jobs. Here’s how to get started:

1. At the bottom of JobHopin’s job page, click the Web3 career banner


2. Search for jobs that you’re interested in. Filter our thousands of Web3 jobs down by role, location, salary, remote work preference, and more.


3. Select the Web3 startups and jobs that are a perfect fit for you, then apply with just one click.


4. When this pop-up appears, congratulations! You’ve applied successfully. 


You can either apply for a job with or without a JobHopin profile. However, if you have a comprehensive profile with the most updated information, you’ll have more opportunities to be found and reached by potential employers interested in your skills and experience.

Create your new JobHopin profile now!

Quizzes on Company Tab (Mobile App)

If in the latest update, we’ve introduced you to the Play and Learn tab on Company Page on the website, then in this update, users can start to access this tab on the JobHopin app.

By accessing this tab, job seekers can see gamified quizzes that help enrich their knowledge and skills. Those quizzes are uploaded by the company, therefore through them, applicants can learn better about the company, its culture, and its requirements for the vacancy.

Access now!