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Blue light – Are you a friend or an enemy?

Blue light – Are you a friend or an enemy?

Working on the computer, surfing the internet on phone, every Vietnamese spends an average of 6.38 hours using the internet, 2.28 hours on media, and 2.47 hours watching TV daily according to STATISTA. For that reason, it is of utmost importance to realize and consider​​ the negative implications of the blue light on our bodies....

personal space, privacy

A small talk about personal space at work

“You barely hang out with us, so it’s hard for us to be friends with you.”    First day at work, and people have already asked tons of questions about your personal life. Here and there, your deskmate eavesdrops on your talk. Every week, they insinuate you to join their party for “bonding purposes” although you...

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