JobHopin 2022 Year in Review – Opening Letter

If 2021 taught us how to weather unprecedented hardships, 2022 opened the door for us to explore new horizons. As JobHopin entered the 6th year in business, we experienced growth like never before. And it was because we reached beyond our comfort zone to solve real, painful problems. 

Market analysis from our AI shows that after COVID, hiring demands rose across industries. Companies were eager to compensate for the lost time by speeding up their recruitment, equipping their team with stellar talents, and resuming their business operations impeded by the pandemic. We also recorded that the talent supply increased as job seekers actively looked for new job openings and career paths.

And yet, they still cannot seem to find each other. Companies struggle to scout qualified candidates, and candidates do not land their jobs easily, either. We asked ourselves, what could be the problem? There must be a gap somewhere that JobHopin needs to fill.

There were three possible reasons that we detected. First, there is a skill gap between what the companies want and what the candidates have. Desired talents need more than just solid background knowledge. They must boast tech savviness, industry know-how, communication skills, and language proficiency – yes, it’s possible. People used to frown upon “jacks of all trades, masters of none,” but it turned out that in today’s job market, it’s best to be “jacks of all trades, masters of one” – employees who specialize in one function but possess multi-disciplinary skills. Their versatility allows them to handle complex tasks, cover for their team members, and become an asset to any department. 

Second, employers should be more active in promoting their company values. Surveys show that candidates prioritize their workplace environment and culture, but these factors are not always conveyed through the company website or job board. Candidates would go on HR platforms to look for reviews, but in doing so, they may easily be attracted to another company whose culture resonates more with them. With a younger workforce, DEI – diversity, equity, and inclusion – cannot be taken lightly. When a company fails to assert where they stand on such matters, it will lose top performers to competitors. 

And lastly, there are so many steps in the recruitment process where miscommunication can hinder meaningful connections. For example, if the talent acquisition (TA) specialist and the hiring manager are not aligned about the ideal candidate profile, it will mislead the entire talent pipeline. Sometimes, the job description itself is insufficient, and the recruiter must have a foundational understanding of the job function to recognize suitable candidates.

So, how can we approach and try to solve these problems? We decided to tackle them head-on.

Beginning with the recruitment process, JobHopin’s AI is trained to become a smart and helpful assistant to any talent acquisition specialist. It scans hundreds of thousands of open JDs on the market to identify the most valued skill sets and what or whom the recruiters seek. Our enhanced JobRecruit platform allows users to calibrate their candidate requirements, thereby improving automated candidate suggestions. The nuances that the AI can yet comprehend will be handled by our headhunters, who go out of their way to understand each hiring manager’s unique core values and preferences.

For those who find themselves in need of upskilling or even reskilling, our team figured out a way to make learning a lot more fun and effective – Hopana. Gamification, or gamefi, turns dull proficiency tests into engaging and rewarding quizzes. From beginner to expert level, these quizzes might open up opportunities that we did not know existed. Employers can also gauge their candidates’ capabilities with customized quizzes that are time-efficient and enjoyable for both recruiters and applicants.

But everything would not be meaningful without a medium for employers and job seekers to meet and be on the same page. JobHopin is lucky enough to have a network of partners that we can leverage to build a community where people can find what they are looking for. Through premium and interactive events, talents can find their dream workplace that lay down the next stepping stone in their career path. Companies can find potential candidates, partners, or even clients whom they profoundly appreciate. A single dialogue is all it takes to start a relationship that lasts.

Of course, eyebrows were raised as we shredded to grow from our old label. Why bother exploring new things instead of focusing on our advantages? But even from day one, we wanted to be a painkiller company. A company that delivers substantial impact and does not back down from difficulties. If we want to realize the vision of “reshaping the HR landscape in Southeast Asia”, there is so much that we can do and will do.

In 2023, our resolution is simple. To know our weaknesses and improve them. To know our strengths and amplify them. The more we try, the more we learn. So, to our dear friends and supporters, continue to watch out for us. JobHopin is no longer a newbie startup, but we are just beginning this journey.

The JobHopin Team

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