JobHopin has some exciting new features coming out this October, let’s check them out now in our latest version. In this update, Company Page will be upgraded and enhanced with special categories, which allows companies to professionally promote their brand to potential candidates.

New categories include:


Overview: provides an overview of the company, including details on the Board of Directors, the company, and employees’ benefits in order to impress and attract top talents.


Insider View: ‘wow’ potential candidates with the Board of Directors’ vision, mission, and work experience not only to attract talents but also to inspire the company’s current employees.


Jobs: lists all open positions at the company and showcases past candidates’ positive feedback during the interview process.


Insights: allows businesses to affirm the brand position on the recruitment market by demonstrating payroll allocation, employee retention rate, and the growth of human resources capacity over the past six months.


Play and Learn: the latest addition to the JobHopin app, Quizzes, gamifies the company’s hiring process. By integrating game mechanics into the talent recruitment process, companies can now evaluate potential employees through quizzes and other entertaining yet challenging tasks.

Moreover, Quizzes can help your company with:

  • Survey: allows users to take surveys via the Quizzes module.
  • Recruitment Assessment: creates questions to assess candidates’ skills and expertises to better identify fitting talents for the business.
  • Internal Assessment: implements internal assessments to gauge the knowledge and abilities of the company’s personnel, allowing the company to track and evaluate the personnel’s skills and capabilities to strategize specific career development roadmaps.

Try JobHopin’s new October feature updates out for free. Register now to attract new talents!