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How lucky am I to have JobHopin as the first station on my career path!


4 months ago, I received and accepted an offer to join JobHopin’s team as a Marketing Intern. I worked in the Marketing department, being in charge of generating MQLs from JobHopin’s international markets. It was not an easy decision to jump into the HR Industry which I totally have no idea about but it was a chance for me to challenge myself intellectually.

Fortunately, JobHopin did give me the opportunity to fail and relearn instead of requiring a high result at the beginning. The very first task I received was to simply write a formal email asking for help from my co-workers. At first, I feel undervalued and unconfident of my ability, but then I have enhanced my skills in professional communication thanks to the mentorship of dedicated leaders.

After 4 months of internship, I could see myself as a wiser learner. I have learned a lot about specific knowledge in the HR industry: HR practices, labour market, and the growing trend in labour market. Furthermore, I have had experience in managing and planning to have effective B2B communication in omnichannel via email, LinkedIn, and Medium. With all my energy and enthusiasm, I am highly motivated to continuously develop and grow professionally. 

I would like to sincerely thank my line manager, Ms. Linh Dien, for all the feedback and precious advice not only in work but also in life; and JobHopin’s CEO Mr. Kevin Tung Nguyen for giving me the opportunity to work and express myself. Finally, I would like to give a big thanks to all the members of JobHopin for giving me a memorable experience.

Tu Anh Le – Marketing Intern at JobHopin, from February to June 2020

JobHopin Team