BUIDL Career Day: The first ever Web3 hybrid career fair in Vietnam

On July 26, BUIDL Career Day was held successfully at Gem Center (Ho Chi Minh City). This tech-focused job fair welcomed over 500 offline participants, many of whom are top talents in blockchain and emerging technologies such as Coin98, Coin68, Ninja Van, YellowBlocks, Ohmnilabs, Binance, Funding Societies,…

BUIDL Career Day check-in areas

The program is honored to welcome leading experts and guests in the emerging tech field such as Mr. Thanh Le (Coin98 Finance), Ms. Maggie Vo (Fuel Venture Capital), Mr. Ryan Galloway (Funding Societies). ), Mr. Huy Nguyen (Kardiachain), Mr. Calvin Tran (Binance), Ms. Thao Tran (Pizza Hut Digital Venture),… and more than 20 other prestigious speakers.

Panel Discussion 4 

Panel Discussion 2

With their expertise and experience, the speakers discussed various topics related to emerging tech, from Winning careers in the World of Web3 to Challenging Builders in the Downtrend Season…updated the actual situation of Web3 in the Vietnamese market, and predict future recruitment trends.

Panel Discussion 5

Keynote 4 with the sharing of Mr. Calvin Tran (Binance)

Panel Discussion 6

Panel Discussion 3

At the BUIDL Career Day, leading technology businesses have the opportunity to connect with potential candidates with more than 200 tech and non-tech job positions which include attractive benefits. The event offers diverse options for both job seekers and employers, solving the current problem of human resource in the Web3 field.

Top tech companies connect with potential talents

Let’s look back at memorable moments from the event here

For JobHopin, this is an important milestone in our mission: elevate the entire Vietnamese tech community, bringing everyone together by sharing knowledge and creating opportunities 🤝 Stay tuned for more video footage from the event!