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A place that allows me to fail, then grow


I remembered when the interview was coming to an end, I asked the interviewer – who later became my line manager, that: “When interviewing an intern, what would you expect? Do you expect he/she to contribute to the company right away?” As this was my first formal working experience, my whole idea, when choosing a company, was finding a place that accepts me first as a learner more than a contributor. And JobHopin is indeed ideal for what I was looking for.

Being at the end of my sophomore year and on the edge of choosing a major, I took this internship as a valuable chance to experience the job of a marketer and thereby discovering if I am cut out for marketing. JobHopin had not only nurtured me but also facilitated me to explore my potential. What I appreciate most is the orientation meetings with the line manager, where I can speak up my goals and expected results during this internship. These weekly cozy talks were so meaningful since my difficulties were directly consulted by the line manager immediately and thus, my training process was ensured to be on track. Thanks to the dedicated guidance of the mentor, I have gained not only professional but also personal growth. Whether I may continue in the Marketing field in the future or not, the heartfelt advice from her will be the basis for my career path

Working in a dynamic environment like JobHopin also exposed me to new necessary skills, especially in communication. I have learnt from basic skills like replying to an email, writing meeting-minutes,… to more technical skills such as briefing a graphic for the Design team, or writing a report. Moreover, I also have chances to practice and improve my soft skills in communication through team-working and cross-departmental collaboration in JobHopin. 

My first internship at JobHopin would not be a valuable and memorable experience without mentioning my line managers, Ms. Linh Dien, and Ms. Yen. Therefore, I will take this as a chance to express my deepest gratitude for the sincere mentorship and especially your patience for me.  I would like to thank JobHopin’s CEO – Mr. Kevin Tung Nguyen for giving me a chance to develop in such a wonderful workplace; and also every member of JobHopin for helping me to grow stronger day by day.

Linh Duong